Retrieval Help


The retrieval part consists of two portions viz. Search and Specific Search Options



Search is a general option, where one can query either by giving a single word, or a word string or multiple words. In this search type the text in search bar and press Submit button to activate search.

Specific Search Options

As opposed to the general search, this is for those who are looking for queries with certain specific parameters like Member, Ministry, and Date etc. You can choose any one of them or a combination of them or all of them. You can get help list of each of the parameters by clicking at the list button (inverted triangle). If the list is long, then you can type the first alphabet of the value you are looking for, so that the list displayed start with that alphabet. If you want a range of date, you can choose the Date From and Date To list buttons. At any moment you can reset button to get initial search form.

Sort by

The sort by option given at the bottom is common to both Search options. By default search results are sorted by date. But other sorting options viz. by ministry, member or question number can be chosen by clicking corresponding radio button.

Search results

Results of any query will first be displayed in an index form. On top left hand will be the number of records found, in the middle the Page number and on the right Print and Back icons. Below that will be the page numbers starting from 1 onwards. By clicking at any of the page numbers, you can go to that page of the query result. At the bottom of the screen also you have the page number and the Back icon. for convenience.

Full text of question and answer

In the index table, by clicking at the Question Number/Date for the category question and date for other than question you can see the detailed information of that particular government assurance. The detailed information of government assurance is opened in a new window so to come back to the index table close the window by clicking Close button. You can access the full text of the question and answer by clicking CLICK TO SEE QUESTION option.