Appreciation Courses for Probationers of All India and Central Services and Government Officials

In a parliamentary system of governance, the Executive, represented by the permanent Civil Service, plays a major role in carrying out various policies and programmes that are approved by Parliament. The Civil Service and Officers of the Government have to be accountable to the Parliament at all points of time insofar as the implementation of the policies, projects and programmes approved by Parliament is concerned. They have to assist and brief the Ministers in answering Questions in Parliament and also in replying to discussions in the House. At various times, they may also have to appear before Parliamentary Committees to apprise the members of action taken in respect of specific governmental activities, give evidence, explain omissions and commissions, if any, etc. That being so, it is necessary that officers who are part of the permanent Executive have a sound understanding of the pre-eminent role of Parliament in our democratic set-up. With this in mind, the Bureau regularly organizes Appreciation Courses in Parliamentary Practices, Processes and Procedures for Probationers of All-India and Central Services and for middle- and senior-level officials of the Government of India.

The Appreciation Courses are intended to provide to the participants a direct exposure to the environment, culture and traditions of parliamentary institutions, so as to enable them to appreciate better the nature of their role and place in the overall context of our parliamentary system, leading to a more informed response on their work in relation to Parliament. The Appreciation Courses also seek to provide the participants an insight into the constitutional position of Parliament in relation to the other organs of State, proper perspective on the pivotal role that Parliament plays in our democratic set-up, the multifunctional role of Parliament as a law-making body, the institution which secures Executive accountability to the elected representatives, etc. The interactive sessions with senior parliamentarians also extend a rare opportunity to the participants to benefit from their experience and get to know their expectations of the Civil Service while working in the various governmental agencies as policy makers or administrators. The grass-root experience of the Members of Parliament stands to help the officers to understand various issues from a parliamentary perspective.

These week-long Appreciation Courses broadly cover a series of structured lectures, discussions and Question-Answer sessions and interactive meetings involving eminent parliamentarians, Chairmen of Parliamentary Committees, senior parliamentary and Government officials, experts and others. Meetings with dignitaries in the Capital and informal get-togethers of participants and the Faculty members are other features of such Courses. Scripts or synopses of the Lectures are made available to the participants in advance so as to make the discussion sessions more interactive and participatory. The participants are also taken to witness the proceedings of both the Houses of Parliament, if they are in Session, besides the Parliament Museum.

Parent institutions may write to the PRIDE at least two months in advance seeking specific dates for their officers/probationers. They may also furnish full particulars of all participants and accompanying officers. Arrangements in respect of journey to Delhi, local transport, and boarding and lodging will have to be made by the sponsoring institutions.