Training Programmes for Parliamentary and State Legislature Secretariat Officials

The Bureau regularly organizes Training Programmes for Parliamentary and State Legislature Officials with a view to facilitating capacity building of these functionaries so as to assist the Members to attend to their multifarious duties and responsibilities more effectively. The Training Programmes meant for different levels of officers and staff working in the Secretariats of Parliament and of the State Legislatures in India seek to provide a thorough grounding to the participants in different disciplines of parliamentary work in order to improve their functional skills, widen their horizons and sharpen their perspectives through discussions and exchange of ideas and experiences.

Foundation Courses arranged for new entrants to parliamentary services at the Union level are, inter alia, directed largely towards inculcating a parliamentary perspective and developing the right attitudes and qualities essential in parliamentary officials, e.g., a sense of dedication and service, precision and promptness, objectivity of approach, the highest respect for the representatives of the people, unfailing courtesy, etc. Refresher Courses for officers at various levels are also organized from time to time. Short duration courses in Noting and Drafting and Office Procedure are also organized periodically which provide an in-depth study of the relevant rules required in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities to help them to improve upon their mode of working and functional skills.

Specialized Training Programmes for distinct groups of officials engaged in similar jobs in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Secretariats and officers of the State Legislature Secretariats are organized every year. These include Training Programmes for:


Officers/Assistants dealing with Questions and Legislative and Budgetary Processes


Officers working in Financial Committees


Watch & Ward Officers




Officers providing Research, Reference and Information Services


Hindi Assistants, Translators and Editors




Management Development Programme for Middle Level Officers


Apart from this, officers from the State Legislatures can also be nominated for the month-long International Training Programme in Legislative Drafting organized every year during January-February. Since very few slots are set aside for State Legislatures, nominations will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Nominees for this Programme should necessarily have a Degree in Law.

The PRIDE announces the Calendar of Programmes for a particular year well in advance. State Legislature Secretariats which intend to sponsor their officers for specific Training Programmes may send the nominations to the Secretary-General, Lok Sabha, within the stipulated time to enable the PRIDE to work out the modalities. All expenditure in respect of the nominees, including journey, transport, boarding and lodging will have to be borne by the State Legislature Secretariat concerned. The Bureau, however, does not charge any Course Fee for any of these Programmes.