Parliamentary Internship Programme (PIP)

The Bureau has been organizing the Parliamentary Internship Programme since 1985 with the basic objective of providing a deeper understanding of the working of Indian parliamentary democracy and the practices and procedures associated with our Parliament. Since the Programme is attended by participants coming from diverse political and constitutional systems, that in itself provides a platform to understand the working of the legislative institutions in a comparative format. The four-week-long Programme which provides opportunities for intensive study and practical training in parliamentary processes and procedures, with particular reference to the practices in the Parliament and State Legislatures in India, is organized in November every year.

During the Programme, the participants are provided an opportunity to gain a thorough knowledge of the parliamentary system in India by way of interactions with senior parliamentarians and parliamentary officials, who form part of the Bureauís distinguished Faculty. Visits to the Chambers of the Houses of Parliament to witness parliamentary proceedings, meetings with parliamentary functionaries, Study Visits to relevant institutions and agencies, etc., are also part of the Programme. Specific attachments with important Branches and Services of the two Houses of the Indian Parliament are facilitated so that participants get a hands-on experience of the working of these agencies. During the Programme, each participant is expected to present a Paper on the salient features of his/her countryís Constitution, political system, parliamentary practices and procedures, etc., which is followed by a Group Discussion. Participants are also taken on a week-long Study Tour to one of the State Legislatures in India to familiarize them with the working of our Provincial Legislatures.

Besides the professional training, participants are given an opportunity to enjoy and experience the unique diversities of India through local sight-seeing programmes, visits to museums and places of historical importance, cultural programmes, etc.

Last Date Extended upto 21 December 2020: Corrigenda to Guidelines for LSTPIRD

Lok Sabha Training Programme on Innovation, Research and Development (LSTPIRD)

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