The PRIDE (Erstwhile BPST) is located in the centrally air-conditioned Parliament Library Building in the Parliament Complex and the Bureau has the requisite infrastructure to organize various Programmes. There are four Lecture Halls with varying seating capacities. The Main Lecture Hall, with a seating capacity of 170-180, is the largest of the Lecture Halls, and is located in the First Floor. This Hall has state of-the-art facilities for multimedia presentations and simultaneous interpretation. All seats are equipped with microphones too. The robotic camera placed in the Hall can be used for live telecast purposes.

Three other Lecture Halls located in the Ground Floor also have facilities for multimedia presentations. While Lecture Hall `A’ has a seating capacity of 45, Lecture Hall `B’ can accommodate 40 participants and Lecture Hall `C’ can seat 20 participants. The well-equipped Computer Lab, with 17 computers, is used for Computer Training Programmes for parliamentarians and parliamentary staff. The PRIDE (Erstwhile BPST) Lounge is located at the centre of the three Lecture Halls in the Ground Floor. Adjacent to these Halls are two spacious Faculty Rooms. There is also a Reading Hall where participants can consult select publications, journals, newspapers, etc.